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Features of Greenell Tents

Safety and comfort during outdoor trips to a significant extent depend on the quality and proper selection of the tent that you are going to use for the night. Therefore, it is worth considering the lineup of Greenell tents and get acquainted with their main features, feedback from their owners and general recommendations for choosing such products.

Brand Information

Greenell was founded in Ireland in 2002 and was originally called Green Hill. From the very beginning of its activity, the company was engaged in the production of tents, tents, camping furniture, sleeping bags, rugs and other goods for tourism and outdoor activities. Within a few years, the company name was changed to Greenell. Unfortunately, rebranding did not help the company cope with the international financial crisis of 2008, and it was on the verge of closure.

Their long-term distributor in Russia, Nova Tour, a company specializing in sales of travel equipment, came to the aid of Irish partners. The Russian company has fully acquired the assets of Greenell and since then owns exclusive rights to the green brand.

A part of the company's production capacity was then transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation.


The main differences between Greenell products and most competitors.

  • Light tent, which is achieved through the manufacture of a frame made of lightweight and durable fiberglass or its combination with steel, tents - from polyester, and the bottom - from moisture-resistant high-strength Tarpauling polyethylene. All products are completed with detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can cope with their installation yourself.
  • Ergonomics - thanks to the use of light and thin materials and the packaging of all components in separate covers, the folded tent takes up very little space, which facilitates its transportation.
  • Quick installation - Thanks to a well-thought-out design, conventional models can be set up to 15 minutes, and automatic tents can be deployed within one to two minutes.
  • High wind and water protection - Thanks to the streamlined shape, all structures perfectly protect against wind, and the materials used in the production do not allow moisture to pass through.

A characteristic feature of the camping models of Greenell tents is the increased (in comparison with analogues) capacity, which is achieved by expanding the vestibule and bedrooms. Therefore, a triple tent can accommodate 4 or more people.

The main difference between Greenell products and products of other European and American companies is a slightly lower cost with comparable quality indicators. Well, this equipment differs from cheaper Chinese competitors by significantly higher reliability.


By appointment, the entire lineup of tents of the Irish brand is divided into the following types.

  • Tourist - This equipment is designed for overnight stays during hiking trips, which means it is lightweight, compact and easy to install and disassemble.
  • Camping - such products are intended for use in campsites, where they are transported and installed for a long period (several days). They differ from the tourist ones in larger mass and dimensions with increased reliability, capacity and comfort.

Often, such equipment when installed has a height of human growth and is divided into several rooms.

  • Country and beach - this variety is not so much a tent as a convenient awning, which is designed to protect from sun and rain in the country or while relaxing on the sea coast. Their design is light and spacious, but does not imply installation for a long time or resistance to strong winds, rainfall and other extreme environmental conditions.
  • Special - usually they include military tents (not included in the company's assortment), but in the case of Greenell this group includes tents designed for organizing a camping shower or toilet. They have a height of human growth, are equipped with a locking system and mounts for installing a shower.

By capacity, the company offers the following options for its products:

  • 2-seater;
  • 3-seater;
  • 4-seater;
  • increased capacity (for 6 or more people).

According to the installation method, tents are divided into the following types:

  • manually installed - classic products with collapsible frame, are simple, reliable, compact and affordable;
  • automatic - these products are transported folded and can be installed in just one to two minutes, for this it is enough to open the frame of the folded tent, and then install additional elements (if any) - pegs, mosquito net, vestibule and bottom.

According to the degree of insulation and protection from natural conditions, tents are divided into the following types:

  • summer - the lightest, cheapest and most compact, but designed to operate exclusively in the warm season, thanks to good ventilation, are ideal for protection from the scorching sun and heat;
  • three-season - slightly warmer and moisture-windbreaking, can be used in summer, autumn and spring.
  • universal - Due to the increased wall thickness, reinforced frame and robust design can be used all year round.


Currently, the Greenell brand offers a huge range of tents to Russian tourists. There are models that are most popular among consumers.

Moby 2 V2 - lightweight and compact two-seater model with a fiberglass frame, has a mass of only 1.4 kg with an assembled height of 110 cm. The increased moisture resistance of the floor allows this tent to be used as a three-season tent.

"Trawl 2 V2" - an automatic double option weighing 2.96 kg with a height of 105 cm. This is one of the most reliable and affordable automatic tents available on the market.

Unfortunately, lightweight walls and floors do not allow it to be used in frosts and heavy rains.

"The House 3" - a comfortable and spacious triple version weighing slightly more than 3 kg at a height of 120 cm. It is possible to install a comfortable vestibule in which you can hide part of the equipment.

Due to its good protection against cold, wind and moisture, it belongs to tents of universal seasonality.

"Cavan 3" - triple tent, characterized by the presence of three separate entrances and two vestibules that can be used for warehousing. The weight does not exceed 5.5 kg, and the height when assembled reaches 185 cm. Suitable for use at any time of the year.

Of the camping sites, the following options are most trusted by Russian buyers.

Trim 4 Quick - a four-seater tent with a weight of 13.4 kg, a height of 190 cm, a width of 300 cm and a length of 395 cm, which is well suited for extended family holidays in nature in comfortable conditions. It has reinforced stands (diameter of steel parts - 19 mm, fiberglass - 12.7 mm).

The use of breathable polyester allows you to recommend this model for hot summer days. But in the winter or with strong gusts of wind, the manufacturer does not recommend using this option.

Hout 4 V2 - differs from Trim 4 Quick by its smaller weight (9.3 kg), less strong frame (diameter of steel elements is 16 mm, and for fiberglass plastic this indicator is 8.5 mm) and more modest dimensions (height - 185 cm, width -280 cm, length - 340 cm).

Selection tips

If you do not plan long hiking trips at any time of the year, but just want to buy a tent from which you can go to the forest or go fishing in the summer, then you should opt for light models like the “Trale 2 V2”. To be ready for long spring and autumn trekking, you should buy a model like "Moby 2 V2". If you need a more reliable and frost-resistant option, then you should consider products from the "Cavan" or "House" series.

Finally, if you are not planning on walking crossings, but are planning to come to the parking lot by car and relax with maximum comfort, then you should think about purchasing spacious camping tents like Trim 4 Quick or Hawt 4 V2.

In any case, when choosing need to consider your vacation plans (whether it will be trekking in extreme conditions or a relaxing walk in the forest), the amount of things that you need to place in the tent, the method of transportation (whether you will carry it yourself or use the car) and, of course, your financial capabilities.


Most Greenell tent owners value their reliability, comfort, compactness and lightness.

Owners of the Kavan 3 tent additionally note its spaciousness, good ventilation, lighting and the presence of mosquito nets. The disadvantage of this (and other non-automatic options) is often called the difficulty of installing them without assistants.

Camping enthusiasts who have purchased the Trim 4 Quick model note its spaciousness and speed of assembly as advantages. The main drawback is the lack of floor in the vestibule of this model, which does not allow full use in the rain.

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