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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Plus size jackets


Classic button-down jacket became one of the most beloved models among obese women. At the same time, how many buttons should be on the jacket and their size does not matter much. On the jacket there can be either one large button or several small buttons.

An extended jacket can reach the middle of the thigh. With its help, excess volumes are easily hidden and magnificent forms are emphasized. The fitted elongated jacket sits very well on figures with a pronounced waist such as an hourglass or pear.

Cropped jacket also worthy of the attention of overweight women. Particularly harmonious, a short jacket looks on female figures with the correct proportions. A cropped jacket is perfectly equipped with a pencil skirt or a straight skirt with high waist.

It is necessary to advise such a model to girls and women of small stature, since, in their case, elongated models will conceal growth.

A collarless jacket is a very concise and stylish model. It is recommended to wear full girls and women with large breasts. The collarless jacket is especially elegant combined with the dress.

Jackets with zippers help create an unusual and stylish look. In this jacket, sporty style is mixed with classics. The main advantage of a jacket with a zipper is that it successfully hides too magnificent forms.

Asymmetric Jackets not only attract the attention of others, but also make you slimmer by a few pounds. A zipper or buttons can act as a fastener.


Cotton fabrics - these are natural fabrics of plant origin. Cotton is sufficiently strong and chemically resistant material, can withstand high temperatures. Cotton jackets are light and pleasant to the touch, they pass air well and create optimal comfortable conditions when worn.

Linen fabric as well as cotton ones belong to natural fabrics of plant origin. Due to the fact that their processing technology is more complicated and more expensive, their price is higher than cotton fabrics. Linen fabric is hygroscopic, hypoallergenic and breathable.

Linen jackets are a great option for summer because they create a slight cooling effect.

Denim - it is a dense cotton twill material. Traditional denim colors are the whole blue-blue range, but jeans can be stained in green, black and brown. High-quality denim is very strong and practically does not undergo wear.

The texture and density of jeans depends on the type of cotton used to make it. It can be both smooth and sliding, and ribbed.

Women's fur jackets - This is a unique combination of style, luxury and comfort. Fur has long been considered a privilege of the nobility and rich people. Natural fur jackets are lightweight, pleasant to the touch and provide an optimal microclimate inside.

The possibility of dyeing fur in various colors gives fashionistas a chic assortment of fur products. Today, all natural shades are still in fashion, but there are also bright colors.

Tweed fabric - This is an elastic wool fabric with a small pile of linen or diagonal weave. Tweed jackets are soft, light and comfortable. Long tweed jackets without a collar perfectly conceal extra pounds, emphasize the individual style and great taste of a woman.

Selection tips

When choosing a jacket, overweight women need to adhere to some fairly simple rules. This will help to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits. A properly selected jacket will help not only to update the wardrobe, but also to add a fashionable touch to an existing clothing set.

If you have a proportional figure such as an hourglass, with a pronounced waist - be sure to use this and emphasize it. Choose a fitted model with an emphasis on the waist and dark color on the hips. This model draws attention to the waist and conceals the hips. Also, shortened jackets are great for women with a proportional figure, especially if they are not tall.

For the owners of the figure, an inverted triangle, stylists recommend emphasizing a magnificent bust. This can be done using a jacket with a deep V-neck. This image distracts attention from the broad shoulders and focuses it on a beautiful chest.

Large hips, like the owners of a pear-shaped figure, will help to hide elongated jackets. At the same time, the jacket should not be tight, it is better if it has a loose cut. Such a style will smooth out all the unpleasant moments and visually bring the figure closer to the ideal.

What to wear

In overweight women’s wardrobe, jackets should be one of the essential elements. They are combined with both trousers and dresses and skirts.

Classic cut jackets blend perfectly with skirts. This is one way to create a stylish business image. At the same time, fluffy skirts should be avoided and pay attention to models of a straight or trapezoidal cut. Fitted jackets are perfect for such skirts.

Jacket for obese women can be advantageously equipped with jeans. It should be noted that full women are better off using jeans of a simple cut. In this case, you can achieve a spectacular image in a casual style. Under the jacket you can put on a bright blouse and focus on the top.

A jacket and dress will help to create a romantic set for every day. This set is perfect for high-heeled shoes or ankle boots. Summer long dresses and sundresses can be supplemented with jeans jackets and at the same time get a stylish and spectacular look.

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