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Women's jackets 2019

For many girls, very often, in a rather serious way, the question arises: what to wear as outerwear in slightly cool weather. The jacket is still too hot, the cardigan looks too simple, the jacket looks too formal, and you really want to bring novelty and freshness to your wardrobe. It is in this matter that an excellent solution would be to choose a jacket that is suitable for you cut and model, absolutely any tone and with decorative elements.

The jacket was invented and brought into the fashion world back in the 19th century by the legendary Coco Chanel and initially had a slightly fitted cut, but it lacked a collar. It is this model of a jacket that is most popular in our time.

What is the difference between a jacket and a jacket?

First of all, it is worth saying that the main difference is a more strict and restrained model range of jackets and more casual and slightly daring - jackets. A jacket is an attribute of both men's and women's wardrobe, while a jacket is an element of clothing designed only for women. The jacket quite often comes with trousers or a skirt, making up a two-piece suit, and the jacket is used as an absolutely independent element of the wardrobe. But in general, we can say that the jacket is only a kind of jacket and represents only the variety of its models.


As already mentioned, jackets have a fairly wide range of styles and cuts suitable for various types of figures. Let us consider in more detail the most common styles and their features.


The fitted cut is most close to the model of a female jacket, since a jacket of just such a cut most often has a V-neck and a corresponding collar. Most preferably, this model is of medium length, with buttons, because it will look most neat and will suit the business style.

It is worth noting that for girls with curvaceous shapes, a correctly fitted fitted jacket will help to slightly adjust the figure and visually reduce the volume in the waist area.

Straight cut

Straight-cut jackets look quite loose and are especially convenient to use, since they leave you with a sense of freedom and do not constrain movement. The most common jackets of this style in combination with a round neck without a collar and an elongated hem. This option can be safely used as a light coat.

On the buttons

Button models are the most common option and are used for jackets of almost any cut. This clasp is practical and convenient, and also picked up beautiful types of buttons, you can use them as an element of decor.

The smell

The smell model is usually equipped with a belt sewn from the same fabric as the jacket itself. Such a style is appropriate only with a V-neck and fitted cut.


Elongated styles of jackets are very common, because they look very stylish and are suitable for use as a lighter version of the coat.

The most stylish models without a collar look, because they look incredibly feminine.


The shortened style of the jacket is suitable only for girls with a good slim figure, because they open the lower part of the body very much and can easily focus on the flaws of the figure.


In addition to an extensive selection of styles of jackets, there is also a fairly wide range of models, in which jackets are presented for various weather conditions, for any situation and, of course, for every taste.

Without sleeves

The sleeveless jacket model can hardly be called such a functional thing, since it hardly copes with the main task of outerwear - protection from cold weather conditions. But instead, it will serve as a great addition to your outfit and will be a wonderful accessory among clothing items.

Without collar

As already mentioned, the model of a jacket without a collar is the most common in recent times, because it looks feminine and stylish at the same time. The cutout line can be either simply neatly stitched or have decors in the form of various stripes and chains.


The bolero model's jacket is shortened and has a length up to the beginning of the waistline, that is, it covers only the chest. This model serves as a great addition to dresses with open shoulders, and having various kinds of decor, this jacket can be used for evening outings.

Short sleeve

Models with short sleeves are perfect for the summer season, and for warm weather conditions. Most often, this model is presented complete with shorts or a skirt, and is made of linen fabric.

1 piece sleeve

The one-piece sleeve has one distinctive feature, which consists in the absence of any seams. Such a model looks rather unusual, and the sleeve will always be free and wide.

With embroidery

Any of the presented models of jackets can have a decorative embroidery. Depending on the pattern, embroidery can give the image a touch of oriental style, a touch of romance or even some restraint. Embroidery elements can be presented as various ornaments, patterns, labels or even decorative stripes.

With decor

Other decorative elements, in addition to embroidery, can be completely diverse. The jacket can be decorated with lace inserts in the shoulder area, patch pockets, thin or wide chains in the neckline, as well as bright unusual buttons.


Depending on what fabric one or another model of the jacket is made of, its relevance will be determined, relative to a certain time of the year. We made several tips for choosing jackets from various kinds of materials.


Tweed, being inherently a dense material with a fairly tough pile, is intended mainly for cool weather conditions. The tweed jacket of the elongated model looks very successful, since it is such a style that best protects from the cold.

From flax

Linen jackets are very good in the summer, as flax is a natural material that is breathable and does not retain moisture under clothing. A variant of a linen jacket will look great with a short sleeve or, at all, without a sleeve.

From mohair

Mohair is a great option for making a knitted cardigan for cold weather, because this yarn is very warm due to the fact that it is made from goat hair. The product will turn out to be very soft and pleasant to the body, besides it looks very feminine and airy.


Knitted jackets are great for everyday use, as well as go well with many other attributes of a women's wardrobe. In addition, thanks to the fabric from which it is made, the jacket will fit perfectly into some images of a sporty style.


Traditionally, jackets were made from cotton fabric, since the material is light and breathable and protects from excessive overheating of the body. Jackets made of cotton material are the most common option, because they fit into many stylistic concepts of images.


Woolen, like mohair jackets, can be knitted, or can be made of quilted fabric similar to a coat, which makes this model most suitable for weather troubles in the form of low air temperature and cold wind.

Popular colors

The color scheme in which various jackets are made is as great as the model range. But it is worth considering that different colors look different and are not suitable for every type of figure and skin color. Let's consider in more detail how to choose the right jacket of one color or another.


White color is classic and combines with many things, but for girls with pale skin it is best to avoid such a shade so as not to make their complexion even paler.

The black

Black jackets suit absolutely everyone and in any situations. This coloring is especially relevant for chubby ladies, since black visually hides volumes.


Gray is used to a greater extent for the manufacture of tweed or woolen jackets. Sometimes these can be flax patterns.


Dark green color can be used to create a classic look in an office style. Bright green shades will look beautiful in sleeveless models made of linen.


A red jacket will look great with other things in black, shading and refreshing them. In addition, this shade goes well with golden accessories.


An orange jacket is best suited for the summer season, since the shade itself is very warm and bright in summer.


Pink jackets, like any other bright colors, are used mainly either in the warm season or to refresh the image in combination with dark things.


Jackets of blue color are usually made of linen or cotton fabric. A straight cut model without a collar will look perfect in this shade.


Coral, in some ways, is a shade of red, so it can also be combined with black wardrobe attributes. In addition, it has a softer shade and is well suited to bright things.

Popular styles

Jackets differ not only in cut and different models, there are also characteristic stylistic differences, which we will now familiarize with in more detail.


Military style jackets have a characteristic color scheme, swamp shades. Also, for things of this style, the classic representative is a camouflage coloring jacket.


Boho style is a combination of elements of different styles, such as hippies, gypsy, vintage and others. In general, jackets of this style can be characterized in one word - ethnic.


The patchwork style is a product made from various flaps. It is worth being careful with jackets of this style, as they may look a bit sloppy.

Overseas (freeform)

Jacket models in this style have one characteristic feature - they look several sizes larger and have a very loose cut.


Jackets in this style are perfect for everyday use, as they are practical and comfortable at the same time. The main representative of casual style among jackets is an elongated model of a loose cut, without a collar.


A characteristic element for the retro style is the fitted jacket style and shoulders slightly increased in volume.

New and Fashion in 2019

As already mentioned, this year the most popular jackets are straight-cut with a round neckline, without a collar. They are used as additions to the image, as well as as outerwear. Also in the summer season, elongated models of cotton and linen, without sleeves, are especially popular.

What to wear

The combination of cardigans with other things is so great and varied that they run their eyes when drawing up the image. The jacket should not be used unless with sweatpants out of style. For the rest, you can give free rein to your own imagination and choose any image that is attractive to you, but it is worth considering color and stylistic combinations when creating images.

Beautiful images

Classic black trousers with arrows and a black tight turtleneck will look interesting with the same classic tweed jacket with a straight cut. The model has a high collar that protects the neck from drafts. You can complement the look with leather gloves and a stylish belt.

A narrow short dress made of compressed fabric with thin capron tights in black will look very gloomy and boring. Therefore, you can safely complement such an image with an elongated jacket without fasteners, light pink in color.

A pink mohair jacket, decorated with large buttons, will look great with light sandy linen trousers and a white top made of airy fabric. The image looks very feminine and romantic.


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