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Summer women's cardigans 2019

A practical and comfortable cardigan is a thing without which it is difficult to imagine a woman’s basic wardrobe. An elongated blouse with a deep neckline surprisingly well complements most bows and suits girls with any type of figure. Although this type of clothing is primarily associated with autumn comfort and cool weather, in the summer cardigans should also not be tucked away in a closet.

Many designers create original summer models that are sewn from thin fabric or crocheted. Like classic cardigans, these models can either be fastened with buttons or left without fasteners.

Most girls’s wardrobe probably already has one or even several cardigans, but you can always add something new to your look. In this article, you will learn about which models and prints to look for when buying a cardigan this season.

Popular models

Among the models presented this season, one can find both restrained classics and original styles that will not go to everyone.


The familiar style with a number of buttons and an average length in the summer will be as popular as in other seasons. True products for hot weather are made of thinner fabric, which makes you feel comfortable even in the sun.


Laced cardigans will definitely appeal to romantic natures. Light woven patterns look very delicate and elegant. Such models can be additionally decorated with lace inserts, frills, frills or bows. Openwork cardigans of "floral" shades, for example, lavender or cornflower blue, look good. Pastel colors are also relevant.


Cardigans sewn from light, almost weightless fabric will fit perfectly into a summer wardrobe. Such models, as a rule, have neither fasteners, nor buttons. Loose sleeves do not constrain movements, and uneven edges give the cardigan an original look.


Another interesting option is the elongated models.

This cardigan is longer than the classic, barely descending to the middle of the thigh. Such a model will protect you well from the sun during the day and wind gusts in the evening.

Textures and fabrics

Summer cardigans differ in the material that is used when sewing them. In summer collections, you certainly will not find cashmere, woolen or knitwear. But the choice is still there.


Thin knitted cardigans are the true must-have for this season. The variety of patterns that adorn this type of product is truly surprising. In addition to the classic smooth knitting, you can find geometric, floral and fantasy patterns.

Made of cotton

Cotton products are perfect for summer. And cardigans are no exception to this rule. This material is lightweight, breathable and washable without any problems. And if you are afraid that your cardigan will quickly become covered with spools, pick up a model of cotton of improved quality.


Chiffon cardigans are also relevant in the summer. This thin material looks more graceful than cotton and makes the image more delicate and feminine. Floral chiffon cardigans are very popular.


A knit cardigan is the most classic option. For summer, it is worth choosing a thinner material, while length does not play a special role. A knitted cardigan can be complemented with a soft belt.

Combinations of materials are also popular. Designers experiment with textures by combining, for example, chiffon with knitwear or cotton with leather inserts.

Color schemes


Summer is an ideal time to replenish your wardrobe with bright things. A versatile white cardigan is easy to combine with other things. A correctly selected style of such a product will not fill you up, especially if you put things a couple of shades darker underneath.


This summer, green will be especially relevant. Cardigans of fresh saturated shades of green can be found in the collections of such world fashion houses as Balmain, Lanvin, Gucci. The most popular are saturated shades, but not half-tones. Buy cardigans of emerald, lime and dark green colors.


The classic striped print looks very summer. The contrasting combination of two colors draws attention to the image and is easily combined with other things. The classic color combinations are black and white, blue and white and red and white. But you can take a closer look at others. When buying a striped cardigan, remember that thin stripes are easier to combine in the image with other prints, and the vertical strip always slim, stretching the silhouette.

In flower

Another trend of this summer is floral patterns, which are now found not only on sundresses or dresses, but also on cardigans. This type of top goes well with chiffon skirts, short light shorts and tight-fitting tops in light shades.

Geometric print

Unlike a flower pattern, a geometric print has been popular for several seasons in a row. A cardigan decorated with rhombuses or squares is suitable for everyone, except for owners of curvaceous shapes. They should remember that large prints of this type distort the proportions of the figure, increasing them visually. The rest of the girls should pay attention to light cardigans decorated with bright color shapes, because it is such a geometric color that will be especially popular this season.

What to wear?

Summer cardigans can be worn with all seasonal clothing. Jeans, chinos, shorts, cotton trousers - all these go well with a cardigan worn over a top, T-shirt or T-shirt. Well, such a top will complement the dress of any style, from a light chiffon sundress to a shirt dress. Also, a chiffon or openwork cardigan can be worn with a swimsuit on the beach. You are also not limited in the choice of shoes: if you want, choose comfortable sandals on a flat track for your outfit, or you want elegant graceful wedge sandals.

Cardigan can be successfully used in a casual look. Comfortable black skinny shoes complemented by a graceful white lace top. The image itself is classic and very feminine, so you need to choose a cardigan appropriate, for example, a pastel color openwork model. The final touch will be the right jewelry.

For a beach walk, replace the jeans with short torn shorts and a graceful top with a plain plain shirt. Choose a cardigan for such a bow easier. A light floral chiffon model fits perfectly here. And, of course, do not forget about comfortable shoes in which you can walk for hours, enjoying your vacation and summer.


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