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How to wear a denim cardigan

What is a cardigan?

A classic cardigan is a collarless knit cardigan with a deep V-neck. He appeared in the women's wardrobe in the middle of the last century and still does not want to give up his positions. A denim cardigan resembles a denim shirt. Its cut allows for the presence of a collar and the possibility of fastening along the entire length.

Popular models

A buttoned long cardigan successfully replaces a dress. Such a cardigan can be of various lengths. The most practical and popular length is to the middle of the knee. It is suitable for almost all women of any age and figure.

A shortened cardigan can easily replace a spring jacket or windbreaker. Despite the denim, with its help it is possible to create a more classic everyday look. A cropped cardigan often has patch pockets and large fittings: buttons, rivets and zippers.

A denim cardigan coat is a great solution for hiking on a cool evening. The length of the product can fall below the knee, protecting the legs from the cold. A model with a turn-down collar or stand-up collar is more like a traditional raincoat. A cardigan can be fitted or grabbed with a jeans belt.

How and where to wear?

Denim cardigans are worn as ordinary dresses and over outerwear like a light jacket or cloak. In a multilayer kit, the cardigan does not have to be fastened; it can be worn wide open.

An open denim cardigan will help to hide problem areas on the hips and buttocks. Long sleeves, slightly twisted, create a completely new, slightly sloppy look with a cardigan.

Denim clothing does not belong to the business style and therefore a jeans cardigan can be worn in the office, provided that there is no hard dress code and, preferably, with a classic shirt. At the same time, a denim cardigan is perfect for walking around the city and for visiting friends. In a comfortable jeans cardigan you can comfortably go shopping, run to a cafe or a movie. The shortened model with pockets is perfect for traveling and for outdoor activities.

What to wear?

Women's wardrobe is very diverse and usually filled with clothes of various kinds and for any occasion. Denim cardigans belong to the universal type of clothing and form stylish sets with many wardrobe items. It is very convenient to have two or three such cardigans in your arsenal and not to spend a lot of time thinking about your image.

With jeans

An excellent set can be made if you choose jeans matching the color of a cardigan. It can be both skinny jeans, which are successfully combined with elongated models, and boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans with a length of 7/8 complete with a cardigan to the middle of the thigh will be a great suit for every day.

With shorts

Shorts and a denim cardigan create a very mischievous outfit. In this kit, you can not hesitate to go for a walk around the city or go to relax with friends. Shorts can be made of denim or in a more classic version. The length of the shorts is not limited by any framework: everything is appropriate here - from supermini to midi length.

With pants

The closest and most suitable style to a denim cardigan is casual. Straight and skinny pants in this style of black, blue, brown and green form the perfect casual ensemble with a denim cardigan and easily take a simple top or shirt into it.

Under the dress

A denim cardigan and a dress will become an integral composition, if you choose one for the other. With long cardigans, it is natural to combine short dresses and mini. Cropped denim cardigans will create a romantic and feminine set with a long ankle-length dress.

With skirt

The skirt, along with the dress, is considered one of the most feminine items of clothing. A mid-knee cardigan looks feminine and stylish with a narrow pencil skirt. Short cardigans go well with both flared mini-skirts and long romantic floor models.

Stylish looks

The cozy look is completed with a jeans cardigan and trousers in casual style. You can dot all the way with a leather strap over a cardigan and high-heeled leather shoes. A functional bag over the shoulder on a long strap will confirm the image.

A long open cardigan, a jeans shirt worn with a tandem, will create a laid-back look for outdoor activities in an urban setting. Stylish accessories will be able to dilute this set: a belt, shoes and a handbag in color, in harmony with the shirt.

Especially for evening walks in the resort town, a set of a cardigan of a shirt cut, a stylish hat with brim and slip-ons is designed. In order to diversify the color of denim, you can use a bright neckerchief and bright colors in shoes.

The romance in each crease of a long chiffon dress will be emphasized if you put a short denim cardigan on top of it. This set is perfect shoes with solid soles, minimal makeup and a straightforward hairstyle.

For those who decide to quickly go shopping, a cardigan in the form of a spacious dress with buttons is ideal. In this way, accents can be made with a bright bag or shoes. A cardigan fastened under the throat can be softened with a vintage necklace.

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