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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Long cardigan

Cardigans appeared as a functional part of clothing in the 13th century. They are a kind of knitted jacket made of soft wool, sitting on the figure and, as a rule, without a collar. The convenience of such a thing is not even in doubt, since it combines an attractive stylish appearance, comfortable to wear and, of course, the function of maintaining heat.

Features of the elongated models

The cardigan itself already looks very elegant, and what can we say about the elongated model.
  • Firstly, do not forget that an elongated cardigan simply simply performs the function of warming to a much greater extent than usual, since it covers the hips and buttocks.
  • Secondly, an elongated cardigan slightly extends the silhouette, so, in combination with the right shoes and bottom, you will seem a few centimeters higher.
  • Thirdly, due to the elongated silhouette, the cardigan will visually conceal excess volumes, so you will seem a couple of sizes slimmer. In addition, the elongated cardigan looks incredibly feminine and romantic.


As with other clothes, among cardigans there is a lineup represented by various styles. For every taste, for different types of figures, for ladies of any height, absolutely everyone will be able to choose a suitable cardigan. Consider the most popular models of this season.

Without buttons

Cardigans that do not have button closures, there are also a variety of options. For example, model without any fasteners and ties, worn simply as a cloak, and to a greater extent serves as an addition to the image, a kind of top accessory, since the lack of a fastener does not fully protect against the cold.

The second version of such a cardigan, fastens with any stylish leather belt on the belt and looks the most elegant and feminine of all, since the strap gives the image of sophistication.

And finally the third option, has a belt made of the same material as the cardigan itself, and fastens with a smell. But you should be careful with such a model, as some options may look like a simple bathrobe.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless cardigans also have several varieties, which are more different in the fabric from which they are made. For example, knitted long cardigans sleeveless, will be good in the summer, for walking and traveling. Cashmere Extra Long Cardigans sleeveless will be a great addition to any look, regardless of what you decide to wear - a skirt or trousers. And finally elongated sleeveless cardigans made of fabric, which is usually intended for sewing jackets and classic suits, will be an ideal option to create or complement a classic style.


Cardigans with a hood can be of two options. Knitted extra long cardigans with a hoodare a striking example of sports style, where the priority quality of clothing is convenience and comfort. Cardigans from any other fabric, having a hood to a greater extent relate to the classical style, and also serve as excellent protection and warming in cool weather.

With clasps

A classic option is an elongated button-down cardigan, which is also versatile in its application.whether it’s an office style or a light casual informal atmosphere. In addition, there are options for cardigans with zippers, the use of which will hardly differ from cardigans with buttons, since they only differ in the type of fastener.

What to wear?

The variety of combinations of elongated cardigans with other things is very large, since there is hardly a thing that could not be combined with a particular cardigan model.

An elongated cardigan of a certain cut from a certain fabric will look great with a skirt, and with trousers, and with leggings, and even with sports skinny pants.

Elegant high-heeled shoes, ankle boots and even stylish thick-soled sneakers complement the look with a cardigan. Loose-cut cardigans made of a denser fabric are suitable for owners of curvaceous forms, since such a model will help to visually reduce volumes. As for slender girls, they can choose any option they like and will look stunning.

Where to wear? (Various options)

Any fashionista knows that every outfit must be in place. And cardigans are no exception, because not all models will be appropriate for a particular situation. So let’s take a closer look at what to wear and where to wear.

To work

This combination of classic straight trousers with arrows, an elongated sleeveless cardigan from about the same fabric, and a classic white cotton shirt is a great option for a simple office look.

This image can be complemented with elegant boats, discreet make-up with thin arrows and a hairdo twisted into a so-called “donut”.

If the dress code is not so severe, you can create a less strict look by combining 7/8 black pipe trousers with a light cream-colored chiffon blouse, long sleeve, and a usual dark brown cashmere cardigan. Stylish cream boats and a belt matching them, in the case of using cardigans without a fastener, perfectly complement the image, and you can add a little lightness and romanticism to your hair and makeup.

To rest

Skinny jeans or even dark blue jackets, combined with an elongated dark green cardigan, under which you can wear a white or light lemon t-shirt, are perfect for outdoor recreation, in slightly cool weather.

Stylish slip-on shoes made of black leather will help to complete this look, as well as a hairstyle in the form of a bundle, with light carelessness and disheveledness.

To relax with friends in a cafe or go to the cinema, you can choose a lighter, playful image. For example, combine a straight burgundy skirt, above the knee length, with a turtleneck with a round neckline, champagne color, as well as an elongated cardigan without sleeves of dark brown color. It is worth considering that for an ideal appearance it is better to choose a handbag and ankle boots in tone with a cardigan, and for a hairstyle it is worth choosing the option of straightened loose hair.

On the holidays

It is difficult to call a cardigan a festive garment, but you can still try to create a stylish look with it. To get started, take a bell-skirt of light pink knee-length, decorated with a mesh fabric that creates additional volume, add a chiffon top of white or light-light peach color to it, and we get a very elegant romantic start. Next, we pick up an elongated cardigan with a 3/4 sleeve, a couple of tones lighter than a skirt, white shoes, a clutch and a belt.

Light makeup with sexy expressive arrows, as well as curled large curls perfectly complement the image. In such a robe you will look romantic, sexy and elegant, your image will certainly have the most pleasant impression on others.

How to knit?

With a strong desire, you can set a goal and knit a cardigan yourself. To begin with, it is worth studying the appropriate materials and a variety of knitting patterns. It is worth remembering that various details, such as sleeves, back and front parts, are knitted separately, and subsequently simply sewn together. Perhaps pick up a pattern with a variety of knitting styles, as well as with cute, unpretentious ornaments.

Stylist Tips

Cardigans made of thin airy fabric without fasteners that can be decorated with a stylish thin strap are especially popular this season, because it looks very feminine and romantic.

Stylists advise choosing cardigans in calm, discreet tones, and best of all natural shades, since elongated cardigans of too bright color look simply vulgar and sloppy.

Elongated cardigans are best combined with high-heeled shoes, so you will look much more elegant, but you should choose shoes with thick heels, for greater convenience and comfort. And do not forget that coarse-knit cardigans are best combined with lighter airy things so as not to aggravate the look once again.

Follow these tips and you will always amaze others with your excellent sense of style and impeccable appearance.

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